Newspapers Are Soon To Be Overtaken!

While looking up news pertaining to digital media, I came across an article talking about projected spending on advertising and where most of the money is going to go. It was stated that around $523 million will be spent on advertising this year which is a substantial number. It was also stated that this may be the first year that internet advertisement will take up more cost than newspaper and magazine advertisement combined. This is showing where world wide priorities are going. Everyone and everything seems to either be on the internet or using the internet, so it makes sense that advertisement is targeting this area more now. Whether on Pandora or YouTube, and basically everywhere else on the internet, you will see ads on the side of the webpage, or you’ll receive multiple pop ups trying to get the viewers attention. It seems that these ads are only going to become more and more frequent in the future.


-Cody Oliver


One thought on “Newspapers Are Soon To Be Overtaken!

  1. I was talking about this to my mother very recently as we sat and attempted to watch a few episodes of Friends… when all we got was 20 minutes of commercials. Of course I understand the importance of advertising in this day and age, but by the time I saw the sixth or seventh repeat of a new energy drink commercial, I feel like the intention of the ad became counter-productive. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but seeing commercials overtake the actual program I’m planning on watching does nothing but make me irritated and want to change the channel! Rather than wanting to see the same imagery or listen to the same enthusiastic (and after a while, annoying) voice rant on about the same thing over and over again, I want nothing more than to watch what the show title promised me. Television and other things similar, to me, have become nothing more than a battle of advertising, and less about the original idea of entertainment.

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