Regular Division by Joe Hamilton


Hey You Guys, Carlos D. here,

Tasmania-born, Melbourne-based artist, Joe Hamilton has created a video that will set your minds on fire. This video is collection of videos that Joe had recorded while traveling to different gardens in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The video just takes you into the depth of the Gardens and places he recored the video. He also uses old painting and high quality scans of brush strokes to create inner depth of each of the recorded landscapes. It uses digital vectoring to make these brush strokes perfect and make it a great illusion to the eye. Here is what Joe had to say

Regular Division is a collaged video loop that was shot and digitally composed on location in Europe, Asia and the Middle East as part of a new series of works looking at landscape. The series responds to the impact of the digital technologies on our representation of landscape and the effect of this on our relationship with landscape.

Regular Division, the first in this series of works, features a spiral of intermingled scenes filmed from inside a number of green houses and domes. An artificial paradise of foliage under a canopy of gridded glass. The video also features high resolution images of brush strokes taken from classical oil paintings bridging a connection to the traditional medium that has played such an important role in the representation of landscape in the past.

So my question for you guys would be, would it be interesting to see different landscapes approaches to this technique? or should he stick to small landscapes that aren’t seen to the human eye?
Thanks you guys !

Article Click Here

Joe Hamilton Click Here


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