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Next month, YouTube will be opening a location in New York City.  This will be the first East Coast establishment of the global media giant.  The office will include professional-level equipment and classes for YouTube videographers, totally free of charge.  Participants just need a minimum of 5000 subscribers to access everything this “YouTube Space” has to offer. Additionally, major New York brands will be invited to meet with YouTube participants, creating huge opportunities for face-to-face contact and networking. I think this is a thrilling concept, and definitely a positive move to foster creativity in the city. YouTube has a massive amount of potential that is just beginning to be unlocked, it seems.  Any thoughts?

The NY Times article:

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As a bonus if you’re interested, here’s the ranking of the highest-paid YouTube creators:


3 thoughts on “YouYork

  1. I think it’s really interesting that this is the first establishment that YouTube has on the East Coast. While the movie industry is in LA, there is still so much going on in New York City. New York is a hub of different cultures, and also a great place where people can meet. I think that it is very smart that YouTube will be bicoastal. I am very shocked at how much money “YouTubers” make. I think it is both amazing and hilarious that someone can rack in that much money a year just by uploading videos consistently online. I think that YouTube is a great company to allow various people around the world create careers through their website.

  2. Youtube allowing participants with more than 5000 subscribers to use and work in this space is a huge advantage that will only be measured as time progresses. Having a professional level production space open to Youtube videographers in one of the most creative cities in the world goes together like peanut butter and chocolate (unless you’re allergic to peanut butter, but I digress). There are already high levels of production among Youtube channels. For example, Jimmy Tatro (Life According to Jimmy) posts a new video every monday and has drastically grown in followers these past few years. He was able to self-initiate projects, shoot them in high definition and make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Imagine what Tatro could’ve done with this space Youtube is creating in New York, in his early stages. But now having a 5000 subscriber minimum brings a sense of motivation or competition among avid Youtube producers. Many of these people are young and putting out great work. Videos will keep getting better because the bar will constantly be raised through the technology, resources and programs Youtube Space New York provides. It really is an exciting time to think creatively when you see money is actually being put towards creative pursuit. The quality of work will only continue to increase, and will result in self or independent producers breaking out into the entertainment industry.

    —- Hunter French —-

  3. “BrandLab, a first for the studios, where brands will have their own space to mingle — and perhaps do business — with video creators”.
    That is such a cute idea and also very interesting because its building a sense of community, I am glad that they are involving youtube to NYC it brings a bigger sense of community and I’m sure that NYC would be proud to have a Youtube Location here. Its good to have a big company join the city since most of the biggest locations are out in the West Coast, like google,Facebook, and more. This will open more opportunities for students, and people who want to work for youtube or just even everyone who works with youtube. It expands the spectrum to meet different people and for Youtube to work with others.

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