Listen to Wikipedia

I found a site that allows you to listen to Wikipedia. Basically what that means is when a change is made to an article, it makes a certain sound. When an article is added it makes a noise. Someone joined? Makes a noise. You get the gist. All the noises are to some degree harmonious, its not some god awful racket, so listening in can be quite soothing. And if you watch whats going on on the site itself it shows you whats being added, or subtracted.

Haha jeez I almost forgot to add the link: here

-Olivia G


One thought on “Listen to Wikipedia

  1. Olivia,

    This is a sweet find. So interesting! The music it creates is strangely soothing, and its neat because you know the rhythms and sounds are all totally organic and unplanned, but they still feel musical. I could honestly see myself putting this on while I do homework. Its also cool to see what’s being added/edited – it really makes you think about the amount of information that is truly at our fingertips on the Internet/especially Wikipedia. And the fact that its written information transforming to I’m assuming some sort of code or data, that then can be output as music!

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