Redesigning Newspapers

Getting myself to read the newspaper has always been a task and the boring fonts and depressing colors make it extremely difficult to read through the material. This TED talk by Jacek Utko, an award winning newspaper designer gives an interesting perspective on how design can save the newspapers.

Do you think you’ll be more willing to read the newspaper if it was designed better?

By: Akshita Kanthala


One thought on “Redesigning Newspapers

  1. Josh Gluck
    Newspapers, like books and magazines, are becoming obsolesced by the internet. This creates a fondness for paper media through its craft. We appreciate a well-designed paper book that we can hold and turn the pages of more than ever now. So I find the prospect of newly designed newspapers very exciting. It would elevate the paper into a real art, focused more on form and design. I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t help “save the newspaper’.” Seeing the numbers the speaker included that showed how sales increased just proves that people prefer to read type that is well designed and creatively presented.

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