Identity Theft

I found two videos about the safety of our personal information and what we should be concerned about with new technology.

As technology advances, we need to be more careful. It is now possible to get your credit card information stolen by somebody walking right past you without them talking to you or physically touching you. There are credit card reading devices that can be hidden in an iPad, therefore, nobody would suspect a thing. There is also a device that looks like a regular iPhone case that can be attached to the iPhone and it displays infrared, which means it can detect the temperature things. This makes it easy to detect which keys you have pressed when you type in your credit card PIN number.

I think that the combination of these two technologies can fall into the wrong person’s hands and make your life more difficult. Luckily, there are ways to prevent yourself from being a victim of this. You can do something as simple and wrapping your wallet around aluminum foil so that the credit card reading device cannot pick up your information. As for the infrared technology, you can make sure to place your fingers on multiple numbers at a time so that the temperature of your fingers are not only visible on your PIN number, but rather various random numbers on the checkout machine so you are safe!

Below are the videos I spoke about and their links!

Stealing Credit Card Info. Straight from Your Wallet!

Infrared Technology

Ana Fernandez

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