3D printing creates film without film

Hey everyone it’s James Huang here!

So I was looking through CNET for more interesting news in digital media and I found this news link:


In this article, written by Michelle Starr, there is this new form of technology that has come out that people definitely should look into.

Everyone at this point in time has probably heard of film and motion picture. Essentially, this process has become more and more digital. Nowadays, the norm is for people to shoot video and images on phones and to watch films on blu-ray or DVD rather than VHS or cassette as Starr explains.

What connects both old and new is the essential that film revolves around the concept of a series of still images shot in succession or in a row and is fed quickly through a fixed point with a source of light behind or nearby. As Starr points out, this is shown by a flip book or a zoetrope. I felt more intrigued reading this because I took a Digital Media and Design course in learning about animation and for the class, we made flip books and zoetropes. I think they are a lot of fun!

Anyways, Berlin based French artist Julien Maire is creating a new project and is working with a concept called Media Archaeology. I think it is really interesting how he explains in his project that what Media Archeology means is “how our perception of the world is transformed through the camera lens and the speaker”. I think this statement is definitely intriguing to gives more meaning to how digital media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the world today. This article shows how film is becoming more and more digital and this is a really interesting concept that Maire is introducing to the world.

Essentially, Maire explains that his process is based on “making a series of stereolithographic 3D printed figures constructed out of a clear material” For his project, he printed 85 figures, each in a different pose, using a device called a FormLabs Form1 3D printer to show the motion progression of a man digging. After this, the figures are put on a moving belt with light in a fixed position. This leads to each figure becoming a still frame as it would be in a film as the belt moves along.

What do you guys think about this? I definitely feel it is interesting there is this new concept and I think more importantly, this shows a form of digital media and that more major aspects of our world such as film are becoming digital.


One thought on “3D printing creates film without film

  1. I think that is a really interesting article. That looks like it could make really cool images. I always think it is very interesting how media can change over time. The progression from what movies started out as to now is huge, so it’s gonna be great to see where this idea goes. I could see this being used on a bigger scale for movies eventually. I would love to see this in person, the belt with all the figures going around looks really cool too.

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