3D Printing Pens! The way of the FUTUREEEEE

Hey it’s Ian,

I honesty think this is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen.

You should check out this video.


I definitely want one of these and I think it is insanely convenient to be able to sketch out sculpture ideas.

What do you guys think?

Are  these the new connection between illustration and sculpture?


3 thoughts on “3D Printing Pens! The way of the FUTUREEEEE

  1. Wow! I’ve always had dreams of being able to draw something material like this, and to think that technology has gotten far enough to make that a reality is stunning. Imagining my sketches becoming tangible in this way makes me feel like if given a pen like this, my own work could become just that bit more interactive. I agree that it could be used as a planning tool for sculptors, because sometimes sketches by themselves don’t give off enough of a vibe for scale, and it’s difficult to imagine turning the sketch around like a 3D model. Of course, the only downside would be that it’d take a lot of time and material to build something solid enough (instead of working with outlines, as seen in a lot of examples of pieces made with these printing pens), if someone were to want that effect.

    -Mary Rose Fiondella

  2. This is definitely a new connection between illustration, sculpture, and general creativity. 3-D printing in itself is innovative but to take it off the computer and put the production right in your hands is remarkable. As the video shows, it is consistent with traditional 3-D printing technique of layering on filament to produce your object. The featured image provides an interesting look in how someone could us this pen in a different way. The wireframe look of the bird is not only aesthetically pleasing but serves a a great sculpture and model. With this pen you can finally get your 3-Dimnesional ideas out of your head and into real space as a tangible object. This is perfect for an illustrators’ / designers’ mind because you are able to produce what you think of through physical drawing. 3-D character models or figure studies can be drawn out for reference. You will be able to see what your character or object looks like from all sides. This will result in drawings becoming more accurate, because illustrators will have the ability to dimensionally produce any reference object they want, from characters to city layouts.

    —- Hunter French —-

  3. This is a very innovative design and it seems with this enhancement, it will definitely improve the art and technology world altogether. Through this technology, both artists and designers are able to construct immediately the design they envision. With this technology, the designers can make various models immediately and then reconstruct from them rather than from their sketches. This tool actually makes drawing come to life. With this, people are now able to use the technology to generate things three dimensionally. With this advancement, it makes it significantly easier for a design team to produce an image an idea. This tool, speeds up the design process greatly.

    By Evelyn Fenick

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