Could “Air Umbrellas” become a new thing?

A team of Chinese designers and post-graduates from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently invented a type of umbrella which utilizes a sort of air force field to protect you from the rain. It creates a big canopy protection with the help of a motor and a fan, and is powered by a lithium battery. This helps create a cycle of air that flows through the top of the umbrella, which forms a protective layer for the person underneath.

For now, the umbrella would have to be charged for about 30 to 60 minutes for every half hour usage, but the battery life will be improved after sales have increased.

“If all goes well, production is expected to begin next September, with the new toy delivered by December 2015.”

By: Alisa Gusyeva


2 thoughts on “Could “Air Umbrellas” become a new thing?

  1. Smart and simple idea that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional umbrellas. This project has a very clean design making it seem like an attractive and accessible product to spread across the world. No longer will we have to deal inside out umbrellas from the wind or bumping into people with oversized canopies. Also, the length control is a great feature on the stick, so one can simply fold the umbrella down and put it in a bag. This project connects to a great design trend that has been happening, of creating innovative solutions to everyday problems. These problems like breaking phones, umbrellas, cold bus stops, and others are simple things that we tend to overlook. But when someone introduces such a clear and powerful approach on how to solve that problem in a visually clean way, everyone wonders why it has not been done before. A project like the Air Umbrella is a great step for good design and is only leading to improving our world through technology. This type of technology does not fight against the real world, it works with nature, using nature (air) to create a better solution.

    —- Hunter French —-

  2. I think this is a really interesting idea. I enjoy how our generation is constantly thinking of the new, innovative technologies that can enhance our society. This is a complex design if it were to actually function correctly. I like how the designers used science to support an everyday function. However, I don’t truly know how successful their business would be. But then again, even though everyone in our society probably owns about 5 umbrellas in their homes already, I’m sure people would still be gullible enough to buy this expensive new technology ( just like they have with everything else….. cough cough…. newer generations of iphones for example, when they already have an earlier version). It’s definitely going to be a sight to see when this sweet umbrella drops.

    By Evelyn Fenick

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