Hollywood Contact Sheets Reveal The Moments Between Scenes Of Iconic Films

Hey You Guys its Carlos D.

So over the weekend I was watching lots of movies and the funny thing is that I stumbled upon an article that was promoting a newly-published book titled Hollywood Frame by Frame, author Karina Longworth examines the contact sheet, a necessity in film making before the advent of digital technology. The prints were used by photographer as a way to review and edit their work, and the sheets contain small thumbnails of multiple shots. They were marked, scribbled on, carefully examined to find the perfect shot later used in advertising.

Looking at these frames i just thought on how hard it is to look at those frames in those iconic movies and how difficult it would have been without the technology we have today. Even in the past in the first col movies you can research how tedious it was on getting the right frame by frame.

What do you guys think. do these frames by frames interest you ?

Link Here 


2 thoughts on “Hollywood Contact Sheets Reveal The Moments Between Scenes Of Iconic Films

  1. Yes! I think these frame by frames are very cool, and I am very interested in film photography. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for photographers to get clear shots and then wait until the film is developed to know if they did get any good pictures or not. The development of technology has definitely sped up the process. Also, with digital cameras it is easier to make adjustments because after you take a photo, you can look at it and see if you should change the settings on your camera. These frame by frames are very cool, but look very difficult to master!

  2. I always find behind the scenes footage very intriguing and interesting to look at. I highly enjoyed looking at these considering many of these movie scenes and themes are very recognizable to many. I currently am very interested in film photography and photography in general and I know just how important contact sheets are in order to produce your final photo. Contact sheets really help you see your margin of error and areas that could be more worked on in the future. However, developing film and producing your final result is in fact very time consuming and sometimes even frustrating, but definitely worth it in the long run. Us photographers in this current generation definitely have many more advantages with our up-to-date DSLRs and photo editing technology.

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