In Between

Here’s a cute French animation about shyness/social anxiety called In Between. I thought this was a cute and inventive way of spreading awareness of how people deal with their anxieties.



How do you feel about this video?


One thought on “In Between

  1. I really enjoyed the animation style of this video! I’m not sure if its because of the design of the city, or the characters but it reminded me a bit of the style in 101 Dalmatians. I really enjoyed the hairstyles of the characters and how long the legs were – I thought it gave a unique aesthetic. As for the content, I think social anxiety is an increasing issue in our society/generation – certainly not helped by overindulgence in technology while in public and so on – and I think its great how this animation captures the relentlessness of that but in a relatable, approachable way i.e. a sort of cute but unforgiving little crocodile pet. One thing I didn’t like was how easily the character was able to tame the crocodile/rid her anxiety at the end – while its a short video and social anxiety is something that can be triumphed over and thats important to show, I just thought it happened a bit too quickly or with little realistic provocation. But overall really cool find!
    -Katie Loughrey

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