Katy Perry is Performing at the Super Bowl

Have you heard? Katy Perry will perform for this year’s super bowl. It came down to a competition between her, Rihanna, and Coldplay. Click here to find out why Katy Perry was chosen in the end.


There has been some controversy with the halftime show this year, because the NFL was going to make the musician who performed pay to play! They said that it’s such a coveted spot and receives so much publicity, the artist should have to pay for it. Katy Perry responded to this by saying “I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl.” The NFL has not stated whether or not they are still requiring payment, and neither has a representative for Katy Perry. However, it is stated that the artist is usually never payed for their performance, but the cost of travel and production is covered by the NFL, and that is all. Read this article to find more details.

I am sure Katy Perry will not disappoint this year at the Super Bowl!

By: Molly Nichols


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