Real Audiences – Real Fast

I stumbled upon an article telling about the instant hit “Mountain Twerker” and how it became so famous so fast. It seems that this was an experiment to show how quickly a type of media can become using digital media and social media combined. In less than a week, the two partners had created a music group that had created a number three trending music video in the world. They did this by quickly coming up with an idea, recording and filming, then using social media such as Facebook and YouTube to gain their almost instant mass following.

This story should be an example for young artist out there, not only dealing in the music industry. It shows how quickly an idea can spread, and how willing the public is to support it. While the whole concept behind this song may be dumb, it grabbed the whole worlds attention. This should inspire more students to try and exploit their art on social media, because it may become the next big thing.

-Cody Oliver


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