“The World Is Your New Desktop”

In an article from techcrunch.com, technology company Magic Leap has secured $542M led by Google for “Lightweight Wearable” Technology that merges digital and physical worlds.

By now many have heard of the Oculus Rift, a larger headset tech that creates augmented reality by looking through it.

This breaks away even further and pushes the envelope of what we can expect for the future. These digital images would be produced in your physical environment through lightweight wearable tech that projects the images on your retinas.

The possibilities of Magic Leaps feat are endless across multiple disciplines which have gained the attention of top investors, across the tech, business, and entertainment worlds.

Magic Leap says, “compared to other AR-type tech to a situation whereby, if you’d come to see the Wright Brothers fly their original airplane in 1903, only to learn that someone else was building a jet in the next hangar over.”

Their production process is going to be more contained and less public than other AR companies’ projects.

Check out the Article Here.

Magic Leap’s awesome Website.

This is the future.

—- Hunter French —-


4 thoughts on ““The World Is Your New Desktop”

  1. Looking at the gif posted along with this article, it does seem and look like a very adventurous leap in technology. I can see a lot of entertainment coming out of such a device, but also a loss of humanity as well. “Taking away” someone’s vision and replacing it with digital images seems like it will be the next step up from Second Life. People will be able to create things that are normally unreal, and I feel that after experiencing such great things, normal life may become boring to those that have used the device. This is a great and large step in terms of technology, but I don’t know if it’s the right way to take things. -Cody.

  2. This is a really interesting article! I have been following articles about the Oculus Rift. I first learned about Oculus Rift from my professor for my Game Design course last semester. I remember how amazed I was learning about being able to see and experience virtual reality by putting on a headset. I kept following the news and in the game design course I am taking this semester, I actually got the chance to try on Oculus Rift. My professor purchased it and will use it in new projects. When I tried it on in his class, I went through virtual reality of being a tiny figure on a roller coaster set up in a living room and I was experiencing everything around me as though as I was a miniature figure. It was a really interesting experience and I really recommend it! It really did feel like I was on a roller coaster! Anyways, seeing this article, I am really impressed and amazed to see news about this new form of technology that creates an experience with virtual reality. Reading the article and seeing the Magic Leap website, it really does seem they have found a new technology that differs from Oculus Rift and helps people experience virtual reality. I feel like I have been so focused on Oculus Rift so I am glad I got to see this article and this shows how technology becomes more and more advanced and the virtual reality experience will become better and better. I would definitely like to try this experience. The idea of experiencing a virtual reality of holding a baby elephant in my hands sounds really interesting to me and I feel like that would be really enjoyable!

  3. This sounds awesome. I think this is only going to enhance all the other technology that is already out there right now, (oculus rift, biofeedback technology, hologram, audio beaming). All of these things can be combined to create an amazing virtual experience. I only wonder what they plan on using it for. If the information is being kept held back from the public to an extent , one can assume there is government funding, in which case I wonder what their intentions are. But in any case, I feel this can be used for more than entertainment and art. I believe that creating certain virtual environments can help in the field of psychology. Ranging from people who suffer minor anxiety, to extremely psychologically traumatized patients, all of whom can benefit from being put in a virtual environment.
    But in all honesty my first and for most wish is to experience some badass virtual reality horror movie.
    What about you guys?

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