When Women Strike Back


I was exploring BuzzFeed today, as I usually do when I’m bored, and came across this cool article about women who shared their experiences with sexism, and how they overcame it/their comebacks. One woman, for example, was sassed by a man in line for coffee who saw she was wearing a Bioshock Infinite shirt, and remarked “she probably hadn’t even played the game.” The best part was, not only had she played it, she designed it, and proceeded to take out all her official documents naming her as the designer and the five-figure sum she was paid for the job. This article not only uplifted me, but made me think about what I can say the next time someone makes a remark about my appearance or the fact that I’m a woman.

Does anyone disagree with any of these women’s reactions? Did some take it too far, or not enough?

by Amanda Sanchioni

http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/women-delivered-intensely-satisfying-comebacks-to-s#h7ze7o by Rossalyn Warren


One thought on “When Women Strike Back

  1. I hate how people stereotype women into being these weak, girly figures that need saving. In reality, women have become more independent and successful through their passions and hard work just like men have. Girls can wear sweatpants, play video games, and do things men do and shouldn’t be ridiculed for that. This reminded me of the video “like a girl” where adolescents were asked what girls would look like running, throwing a ball, and fighting like a girl. Everyone ended up exaggerating the actions to what society thinks a girl looks like when she does these actions. People believe in the stereotype of girls having a helpless and feminine attitude when they are really so much more. Women can be fierce, strong, manly, and sexy without looking like a damsel in distress. Society needs to get rid of this outlook on what girls look like and accept that everyone is different, just like men, and they can be capable of anything.

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