Actually friends?

Thought this was an interesting article seeing that most people on social media are barely even acquaintances with people that they call “friends”. He’s bringing old fashion conversation and interaction back.

Would you ever do something like this man?? What do you think about his social exploration??

By Evelyn Fenick


One thought on “Actually friends?

  1. Wow! This is incredible. I don’t think I could ever do what he did, but it really portrays how social media has changed our society. The term ‘friends’ no longer means a “favored companion” (Merriam Webster definition) that you see in real time, but rather a person who clicked ‘accept’ to your ‘friend request’ on Facebook and that is all it takes. This kind of article makes me wish I lived before the Internet age because I would like to be able to experience purely face to face interactions with others as opposed to looking down at my phone all day like a robot! Thank you for sharing this article! Great food for thought.

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