Girls ‘won’t make a pass at a man in Google Glass’


Hey you guys its Carlos D.

So I decided to go a little more of the fun side for this weeks blog post and talk about the Google Glass. There is so much talk about these glasses that I felt like technology today has developed so differently. From the Design and technology of them people have viewed them differently.

I feel like the Design of the glasses are very unique and interesting, and going back to the article and being fun and cliche would you make a pass at a man wearing a google glass. But wait that is kind of sexist that only men can wear the google glass. Im pretty sure that women can wear them as well. So i can ask men the same question about that.

This is what the managing director for HP’s New Ventures division said

He said: “When you look at the appeal of Google Glass – would you wear it on a date? Probably not. And, if you did, you probably wouldn’t get a second date.”

Click Here for the Article

My question for you guys, is do you guys think that the google glass is an useful design? yes why or why not?


3 thoughts on “Girls ‘won’t make a pass at a man in Google Glass’

  1. The idea of the google glass is an awesome idea. I would never have even thought to make a pair of “glasses” do such amazing things. However, I don’t think I would wear them on a date for fear of being judged, or of not getting a second date. Admittedly, the guy in the picture does look kind of badass, and the google glass is such new technology that maybe the glasses would be a point of conversation or a conversation starter for a lot of people. The designers of the glasses did manage to make them not TOO awkward looking, and kind of like normal glasses, so who knows, maybe would strike up a conversation with a guy wearing them. But don’t count on me having a pair, I’m a broke college student.

  2. I agree with Amanda, Google glass would definitely be a great conversation starter. The glasses do give a sense of being technologically hip and also pretty wealthy – pretty sure they go for about $10k these days? Which are characteristics many people might wanna portray to a date or potential romantic partner. Personally, if I saw a guy wearing them, I would probably assume he was pretty wealthy, and possibly superficial and arrogant, which would cause me to not be interested. As far as your question, I think they are a useful design, but somewhat frightening, because they are so invisible as a technology in a sense. Since they mimic sight in a way, and make a screen part of your regular vision, it would probably be easy for the user to forget its technology and not reality, which is an interesting, but also a bit disconcerting, line.

  3. I think this is a really interesting concept or idea to think about. I remember when the Google Glasses first came out, I was thinking, how would I know if someone was recording me or not? I think that there is an aspect of this technology that is kind of invasive. You would never know if someone was recording you or not! That is something that I definitely would not feel comfortable with, regardless of their gender. If someone came up to me wearing the glasses I wouldn’t be able to help but wonder if they were using them in that moment or not. Stylistically, they’re very futuristic looking. I guess if someone wore those and tried to strike up conversation with me I would probably think they were a little pretentious. They’re still not that common or accessible so it’s pretty rare that people have them.

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