Sneak Peek of 12 New adobe Cool Tricks


Hey Everyone it’s Ian,

This isn’t my “cool tricks” article but this does happen to be about new tricks, that are cool


Cool Tricks

Cool Tricks

Get excited check this stuff out. Theres all new features coming to the Adobe CC line


Whats, everyone’s favorite new Adobe Cool Trick?

I happen to LOVE the fact that CC PSD and AI files will be able to be edited on computers that don’t have either photoshop or illustrator (or older versions). All you need to use is a web browser. This is insanely convienient in sitiuations working with people on digital projects who have either differing versions of the programs, or simply don’t have the software at all.

Anyways, check it out. Hope you find it helpful and let me hear your opinions




2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of 12 New adobe Cool Tricks

  1. All of these new additions to Adobe look really cool and interesting! Definitely worthy of the link to this article! I especially loved seeing the video about Defog and Shape Shade. The part that bums me out though is that not all of these additions will be featured on Creative Cloud. Nonetheless though, these are all still really interesting and I feel like this shows an advancement in technology and interactions with digital media. Also, side note: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working with a digital design group that does cool designs and features cool works of art and design on YouTube and other social media so it’s definitely something to be a part of! Great post though! Cool Tricks!

  2. I think it’s real interesting how the Adobe Suite has changed so much since its inception and continues to be updated so frequently. These new features seem very helpful and I know I could make use of Premier’s Gap Stop. I always though the audio tools in Premier were either too basic or too complex, and this new tool seems like it would offer a middle ground for editing audio. I thought the new Photoshop display looked very modern and sophisticated. When it comes to professionally editing photos, I can totally see how working with the image fullscreen and pop-up panels would be more effective.

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