Streaming: It’s the Mainstream

Anyone remember 2008?

When people used iTunes and got excited about the new version of the iPod Nano? Everyone thought the music industry was headed in one direction: the digital download would replace physical copies of albums.  That was not long ago at all, but things have changed a lot since them. In the past few years people have been buying less music, thanks to the new medium of online streaming.  Why get a ten dollar CD or album download when you can spend $7.99 to play anything and everything you want online for a month? Well I can think of a lot reasons, but there’s no denying the the majority of people are embracing streaming as an alternative to buying music.

A very brief article here talks about how iTunes is on the defense against slipping download sales in the face of streaming culture.


Are you guys in the mainstream? Are you nostalgic for 2008? What you think about the future of our music?


I’m nostalgic for 1970 but hey, I’ll take what I can get.


Josh Gluck


One thought on “Streaming: It’s the Mainstream

  1. I believe that every year the music industry changes and it continues to expand in different and technological ways. I remember the days that when you had to put your finger on the house phone and spin it. I remember using them not a lot of people do. Its like mainstream is the new black and eventually in the next 20 years we will have something different then mainstream. I believe its a good idea to advance but sometimes you have to still have to be in touch with the past. Always remember that if it wasn’t for people inventing those things the future wouldn’t be possible.

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