Should We Vote?

Alright everyone, to answer the question of the week should we vote? I believe whether you should vote or not should depend on how educated you are politically.

Just laying it out there, I do not want anyone getting upset with me over my political views. Although my personality and age has fooled many people, I actually come from an extremely Republican family and lean more to the right side politically.

I also just want to clarify that although I come from a Republican family, I would classify myself as more of a Libertarian.

To explain my views, I do not believe government should have any say whatsoever in who you can marry, or whether or not you can get an abortion. 

Anything that is a personal choice and doesn’t effect our economy financially, they should stay out of.

I also think that both Democrats and Republicans are on too much of extreme opposite ends.

The reason why I side with Republicans is they support capitalism. The Republican belief is that if you work hard, you can succeed. There policies support and help small businesses grow.

Let me pause and pull back for a moment to explain why I strongly side against Democrats

         Have you ever noticed that whenever a Republican politician makes a ‘mistake’ it is hugely blown up and distorted by the media? 

Democrats play off of emotion and target a less educated audience to gain votes. They also are infamous for bashing the Republican party to an unnecessary extreme. Here is a semi humorous example of that.  Why do these rich politicians care so much about helping the poor?

Chances are they don’t. Democrats pitch campaigns that promise unrealistic things to the lower class. Who wouldn’t want to be told they’ll receive better, free or more affordable health care right?

Apparently the Republicans support “the rich getting richer.” The reality is that democrats are destroying our middle class rather than supporting those who work hard and are trying to better themselves.

End rant.

So, should we vote?

If you research beyond watching highly biased campaigns on television and are passionate enough that you know what you’re voting for then absolutely. However, if you’re voting based off the things that a certain political party has promised, you should not vote. Look back at previous leaders and campaigns. What has worked in the past?

Again please don’t hate me for this if you’re an extreme democrat, if your argument is valid and the research has been done, mutual respect is there.

Peace and blessings class,



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