Do I vote?

To be honest I have not voted yet, but I do plan to.

I used to hate the idea of voting since I saw no point in it. I thought my votes could not matter in any way whatsoever. That was my main thought on presidential elections anyway, I had no idea you could vote for the people that run your state too and other positions. I did realize over time that each vote does count in the same way every penny counts, which I firmly believe in. Your own vote might not seem worth much, but if everyone else thought the same thing then there really wouldn’t be many people voting at all.

BUT even after thinking about that, I still didn’t want to vote because I felt too uninformed. I still believe you should educate yourself on all sides before you dive in rather than just follow suit of your parents’ party or any other reason than your own opinions of who could do a better for harry All sides are pretty off and I won’t reveal my position because I still feel too uninformed to confidently say one way or another.

I have registered though and I have learned enough about upcoming elections to know who to vote for, but of course that’s my own opinion. I don’t mind if people still don’t vote for one reason or another, but I hope the people who are voting know enough that they won’t regret it.

That’s my rant on voting, what are your guys opinions?

Is there anything else that should be taken into consideration? I know my ideas were broad, but is there anything specific?



Also interesting quote I just found.images


by: Alison Cousens


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