Are you a Registered Voter? I Can’t Vote…


Hey You Guys its Carlos D.

So I will quickly tell you a bit about myself if some of you may not know. So I was born in Bogota, Colombia on March 21st 1994. I grew up in Colombia for a few years but my parents decided to move to the United States back in 2001 for the final time (there was previous trips.)

We moved to the United States because it was a dream, it was the American Dream that we all chase for. Too us it meant a lot and still to this day we are shocked on how much time has passed.

After 10 years of living in the U.S. My mother was able to get married and finally became US. Permanent Resident. What is A US Permanent resident? I will be glad to tell you.

Lawful Permanent Residents generally do not have the right to vote, the right to be elected in federal and state elections, the ability to bring family members to the United States (permanent residents are allowed to sponsor certain family members,[11] but this is often not practical due to long approval delays),[12][13] or eligibility for federal government jobs. Male permanent residents between the ages of 18 and 25 are subject to registering in the Selective Service System. Permanent residents who reside in the United States must pay taxes on their worldwide income, like U.S. citizens.

Basically after living here of 10 years our american visas had expired, we were immigrants in America. After a few years that my mother was able to marry she was able to receive her permanent resident and so as the two of us me and my brother.

As a permanent resident, your able to go to school, work, and travel wherever you may like it brings a lot of opportunities and it allows you to appreciate what you have.With the resident status I am not eligible to vote you have to be a US Citizen to be able to vote and I am not a US Citizen Until next year. Thats another process after 5 years of holding your residency you are able to apply to be a US Citizen. If you don’t want to be a US Citizen you an continue to be a US Resident. After those 10 years you have to renew your Green Card. (US Permanent Residency Card)

I know a long time ago Immigrants where able to vote but eventually each state began to revoke voting process from people who were not born in the U.S. Non-citizen voting in elections has been extinct since Arkansas became the last state to ban it in 1926.

Basically as a Permanent Resident there is so much you can do, and I believe that achieving that American Dream is made possible by you working hard for that. Even if your not able to vote you should always be aware of voting situations in this country they affect all of us in physical ways but also mentally.


Here are some links for more information.

Right of foreigners to vote in the United States

Permanent residence (United States)

US Citizenship and Immigration Services


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