Do I vote?


Hey it’s Amanda!

Today, while looking through various articles about voting, I came across one CNN article in which top political analysts hypothesized what would happen if Americans were forced to vote. I personally am not registered to vote, because I don’t really understand politics and I feel like my vote doesn’t count. In my opinion, if Americans were forced to vote, or fined if they didn’t vote, not only is that very un-American, but as my good friend, a poly-sci major, pointed out, it would skew the voting because people would vote not because they were actually interested but because they would be required to. Yes, our country was founded on the principles of democracy, but democracy also includes the freedom to not vote if you don’t want to.

What do you guys think would happen if voting was made to be mandatory? Would it help or hinder the American political process?

Here’s the original article, by various CNN political analysts:


One thought on “Do I vote?

  1. Amanda,

    You bring up a really interesting debate! In my opinion, I agree that I think making voting mandatory would be counterproductive. Forcing someone to do something is always a much worse result than positive encouragement, stirring up passion in someone for a cause, or even simply increasing understanding of the importance of an issue such as all the ones voting entails. Like you start to say, voting is our right – meaning we have the power to seize that opportunity, or not, and no matter how others may feel, everyone is entitled to that personal choice no matter what. To me, that’s the real meaning of democracy.

    -Katie Loughrey

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