Vote Shmote

Max Bemis of the band Say Anything, the individual who has had the most influence on my morals and world views, sums up the way I feel about voting in a tweet he posted from November 2012:

“Honestly I can’t champion voting for either party because politicians are basically actors. All i care about is human rights and no war.”

This is exactly how I feel. Yes, I’m a registered voter and all, and I was able to vote in last years election, but the older I grow, the more fake people seem. Politicians, especially. Sure, some may have good intentions and all, but when it comes down to it, most don’t even have chance of winning an election unless they tell some lies, white or not. I believe our political system is corrupt and I believe American citizens are stupid as a whole and our votes do not reflect an accurate decision for who should be in office. I’ve talked to many people about voting culture and most admit that they don’t really know anything about the people they are voting for other than a view or two that they happen to agree with. I will no longer vote for any more actors or support a system that is so majorly flawed.

All I care about is human rights and no war. Well said, Mr. Bemis.

Somebody please tell me they agree?

Love K$ a.k.a Kellie


4 thoughts on “Vote Shmote

  1. I completely agree. Politicians are actors, and the system IS corrupt and there are huge faults that could push one to decide to abstain from voting entirely. But I would attribute the active choice to not do anything to a nihilistic viewpoint or something else entirely. Actively choosing to not vote in certain elections because you don’t have a viable option one way or the other I can understand. But choosing to preemptively say that you will never ever vote doesn’t really make sense especially considering you care about “human rights and no war”. If there was ever any election that was deciding on a choice for or against military actions or deciding whether or not rights are given or taken away to a certain group of people, Im pretty sure you’d want a say in the matter. Saying that you will never vote again means you are actively choosing to ignore any possible opportunity you may have to help people whose rights are being infringed upon. I have heard this proclaimed before by people who do not have any real motivation in the first place, they have an appreciation for equality and curing a flawed system in theory, but thats as far as it gets. It gets to the point where peoples actions feel backed by apathy as opposed to a real will for change.
    But I do understand where you are coming from and it would be interesting to choose to do everything in your power to exercise your believe and volunteer at places, help organizations that allow the betterment of people less fortunate than ourselves. There are alternatives that will still allow you to stay true to your values and help the people you want to help without bending to the will of the flawed system.

  2. Basing your’e voting decision or any decision really that has the most influence on your world views is a great way to think. People become tied to either side of political parties. This can happen through parents, entertainment, and lifestyles. But all these things relate back to the projected view of what you are supposed to believe and accept. If you’re a democrat or republican because it is what everyone else is doing, will not lead to an informed voting decision. Instead doing research on both sides of the argument, and keeping up with current political, social, global issues, and then relating that back to your own morals and beliefs will enhance your vision of what you hope to see in a political candidate. This leads to smarter decision making instead of doing what everyone else is doing. It also can show that maybe neither candidates or political parties are right for you. As you said, politicians are like actors, every one of their moves are scrutinized by the public. So, they try to portray the best possible image. Not everyone in the political sphere is bad. Learning about where you stand on certain issues, and researching candidates will lead to a better result, in using your right to vote with an educated decision.

    —- Hunter French —-

  3. I always battled with deciding to vote when I became 18 because I learned about the ugly side of politics. However, I noticed that because politics are messy, I should try to make a change by voting. I hate how politicians make these promises they never keep just to gain voters for elections and they never keep their promises. I just wanted people who would give change to our slow economy and improve Connecticut for the better. In my town, people are either Republican or Democrat and they can’t even deal with each other because they are so political. It comes to a point where people forget about what they represent as a party in order to gain their own interests. That’s why young people should start making informed decisions about voting so we can change this corrupt country.

    Sara Georgas

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