Do I Vote?

Louise Astorino


This is my second year being of age to vote and I am still not registered.  I have chosen not to register myself this year because I haven’t had a reason to vote.  I am not informed enough on the candidates and what they stand for, therefore I would be voting blind.  I personally think that I will vote when I feel that I am more exposed to the issues at hand, and when I am more familiar with the current events in politics.  I have to admit, I took one class on American politics my sophomore year of high school, and so four years later I still feel somewhat unsure on the whole topic.  Personally, I think that since I am still living under my parents wealth and I am in the early years of “adulthood” I am not directly affected by politics.  I think that it will be a bigger part of my life when I am older and when that time comes, I’m sure I’ll be motivated to vote then!



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