Do I Vote?

This is the first election where I’ve been registered to vote. But I’m not planning on voting today. Is it because I’m tired and I just wanna go home? Maybe. Is it because the only available time I had to vote was at 7 in the morning when my Mom woke me up 3 hours before I had to wake up? Definitely doesn’t help. It could be just because I’m lazy. But its also because I have absolutely no idea who’s running and what for. And as my mother told me recently, “An uninformed vote is worse than not voting at all.”

-Olivia G


One thought on “Do I Vote?

  1. I completely agree! Yes, I feel guilty for not voting, but I really have no idea what I am voting for and honestly have not had time to do the research! Therefore, I have not voted for this election, but that does not mean I will not vote in the future! Also, although UConn has made it so easy for students to register to vote, and vote, I still struggle to find the time! This week has been so busy and it’s only Tuesday!! I understand your frustration with being woken up early as well, no one wants that and if that happened to me, it probably dissuade me from voting as well!

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