Don’t know who to vote for this election? But you have opinions?

Well this website takes the current issues that we are facing and will determine a candidate best suited for your opinions based on how you answer the poll. There are many different issues listed.

So there is no bias, the questions are very simple and there is no indicator of which answers relate to what political party.

Check it out!


One thought on “ISideWith

  1. I’m always scared that I have missed some facts or that I wasn’t educated on a position enough. However, with this easy application, it allows your opinions to match up with the candidate rather than matching the candidates opinions with your own.

    I am a strong believer that you should stick to your gut instincts and gut opinions. With this application it allows you to clearly know who supports your thoughts about issues.I think that it’s extremely important to take the time to figure out who you side with, rather than going in not knowing important information. I also believe, that in order to vote you need to go in with an unbiased opinion of physical traits or characteristics from the past that don’t affect anything. Don’t just vote to vote, vote with a purpose and KNOW YOUR PURPOSE


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