Know the knowledge you need to know, before you give that leader a go (or a no)

Do I VOTE? Which party??????

If someone asks you your political party, some have a response to be fed to that person in less than a second. However, to be completely honest, I feel like there is no need to select a certain political party. A person is still a person regardless of where they came from. Now, I do understand that the parties represent some issues continually with a certain viewpoint. However, I do believe that to vote, you shouldn’t just vote for whatever party you are registered for. That’s why I believe that I need to do the research of the candidates before I make a decision. I feel like that should go for everyone though. Every voter should be informed and know of what our “future leader” is thinking.

I know that everyone has the freedom of speech and the right to vote. But I do argue, that half of the people voting are people who are voting for the wrong reasons without being completely knowledgable.

Ex. People voting based on skin color or being gender specific, without knowing his/her viewpoints on issues.

So, before voting GET YO KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE.

By Evelyn Fenick


One thought on “Know the knowledge you need to know, before you give that leader a go (or a no)

  1. I completely agree with you. Voting is important, but only if you know what you are doing and why you’re choosing the person you are. I never wanted to vote to begin with because I’d probably just go with my parents party without knowing anything and I never felt right about that. Then again I never learned the candidates before either which I should be better about and so should everyone else. I also found the videos very funny and relevant to the idea of educating yourself, especially the second video. I find it hard to believe real people were so ready to give their opinion on something that was obviously fake almost like they didn’t even fully listen to the question and are pretending to know what they’re talking about. One man even admitted to not understanding the question and still agreed with it. People really need to understand what’s going on before they can give a proper opinion.

    Alison Cousens

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