Messy Politics and Informed Decisions

It’s Sara today informing you on why voting is important to our government system. đŸ™‚

First of all, many of us know how corrupt politics can be and most of America barely knows anything about who is running for governor, Congress, house of reps. etc. because they don’t care enough to research about their decisions. This is one of the reasons why most bills that go through Congress don’t pass, because politicians vote for a bill that benefits themselves (no offense politicians) or their party.

Part of the importance of voting is that these people aren’t the ones in office so it’s essential to be informed about your decisions. I know it’s messy campaigns, with people slandering each other with things they did and did not do, but it’s important to vote for the one that you think will do the job to improve your state/country. We made this system so we don’t have dictators or corrupt leaders causing wars with other countries, so let’s remember that voting counts for every single person. You don’t have to be Republican or a Democrat, you don’t have to define yourself as a party, you’re you and that’s what matters when you vote.

What kinds of changes do you guys want to see in Connecticut? If you’re not from here, what about your home state?



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