Should we vote?

Hey, It’s Ian,

So Im assuming the next class, If we do return to this subject, is going to turn into some violent political war where we start throwing cats and ramen at each other. No but seriously, I do feel that opinions should be vocalized and expressed. I truly love hearing other people’s views on the subject of politics and everything else they entail.

I’ll start off with my political views. I am a registered voter. I am not a registered republican or democrat, though I do agree with differing parties on various aspects ( in all honesty a slightly larger majority affiliated with democrat). That being said I do not consider myself a democrat and if anything I exist in some fluid point between Anarchism and Libertarianism.

I take into account a lot with politicians religious affiliation (for some reason the world is too afraid to vote for atheists)

I am very critical of religion and in a lot of instances I do consider it the bane of human existence, but I will save that rant for another time. That being said Im aware there will always be a different flavor of Christianity in power at any time, some just affiliate because in this day and age its a necessity or people will think you have no moral compass ( which is absurd). But if a politician is continually referring to religious aspects and affiliations with their political agenda I am immediately turned off to considering them a proper candidate for my vote because:

1.) they’re either just trying to sell out a fake piety to get a majority of voters

2.) Or they truly believe that “god” is playing a role in governing what I and the rest of America do. That’s a big “no” for me and I try my best to keep the “separation of church and state” actually “seperate” 

This is one of the many aspects that I consider when choosing someone to vote for. Not to mention several others

1.) If you’re not okay with same sex marriage by now you’re a fucking idiot

2.) Women should have a right to choose

3.) I do believe some people deserve the death penalty

(Just to touch on the big points everyone always talks about)

So what am I saying?

If you’re politically educated and you know what you want? HELL YEAH! go vote, voice your opinion.

If you’re not politically educated and you don’t know whats currently going on, don’t be ashamed, go on the internet , do some research, write to politicians, get informed…. THEN go vote!

If you don’t care to become privy to the agenda of the politicians, then stay away from the ballots, cause theres no point

And even after all is said and done, sometimes the options you have are between two terrible candidates that you absolutely HATE! you’re then left with 2 options

1.) Just say “oh well” and choose the lesser of two evils


2.) Say “screw it theres no point, they are both so terrible its irrelevant to me”

(thats okay too, because as long as you are making the decision to abstain from participation because of your disagreements its all good. YOU did the best you could and stayed politically informed.

That final point Im making is perfectly summed up from episode #119 of South Park

Here is an excerpt from the episode.

SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND THE LANGUAGE OFFENSIVE (I think we are all familiar with South Park)

I do recommend watch the full episode which Im sure can be found online. It’s extremely clever and critical of America’s political environment.

What do you guys think?

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