Should we vote or not vote?

Hey everyone it’s me James Huang!

So for this question whether we should vote or not, I have been doing an extensive amount of thinking and research about this topic and I have finally come up with an answer of my own.

Personally I feel that we should vote because I feel like each person’s vote can count and be of value. When I imagine no voting, I think of a dictatorship or a world where a ruler can do whatever it wants without any voice at all from the people. I feel like each of us has a voice in what we want for our country and what we would like to see.

Remembering what I learned from when I took AP U.S. History in high school and learning about such information in general, when our Founding Fathers and other such figures were creating the Constitution, a big part of their process was thinking about how the people are a powerful force and how the people must have a voice in what happens in government and politics. I also feel that voting shows how their work was not in vain. On other note I want to add onto this too and is that many immigrants who come to the US from other countries are glad of being able to have the opportunity to register to vote and actually vote like my parents. There are countries out there where the idea of people voting is absurd.

On the other hand though, while I am on the side saying that we should vote, I full heartedly understand what others are saying in their posts that voting should not be a requirement that everyone needs to follow or else get punished (picture below), that despite what I said before about each person having a voice in what happens, it is still hard to feel that is actually true, and that so many politicians are corrupt and evil that it seems not even worth it or why even bother voting for one of them.



I full heartedly understand these viewpoints that other people have shared and that being said, I think it is also extremely important and we should be grateful for living in a democracy where everyone is allowed to express their own opinions and most definitely respect them. That concept is one we should all be aware of at all times before possibly saying something that could be bad.

This being said, I am in the notion that we should vote, BUT we must only vote if we are FULLY INFORMED about the ENTIRE world of politics, government, who is running in the election, who the candidates are, where each candidate comes from, and IMPORTANTLY BE ABLE TO SEE THROUGH THE ATTACK VIDEOS THEY THROW AT EACH OTHER TO SEE WHICH CANDIDATE DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SUPPORT.

Reading what I have read online about whether or not we should vote or not, many have explained decent points that many seem to vote on a whim. Voting is not an action that should be taken lightly! We are getting an opportunity to express our opinions on important issues so we must not make our decisions on a mere whim!

Thus, if one is not fully informed in the areas I mentioned above, then it is better to not vote. Voting is an action that like many other actions in our lives, we need to put our full thoughts and concentration into and make sure we are fully okay with the decisions we are making.

And for the last part of the caps lock I typed, I understand that it is hard to consider what benefits come from it when so many past politicians we have seen have turned out to be corrupt. I understand this viewpoint. In my opinion though, I always like to see the world both optimistically and realistically as best as I can. This being said, I do feel sad seeing the attack videos politicians throw at each other and it makes me less and less sure on who do I even vote for with all this negativity. But I cling to knowing that somewhere within all this negativity, that there is a politician out there that I do like. Yes, there are many bad corrupt politicians. But there have also been good politicians we have seen in the past. And no one is perfect.

Thus, to be honest, I had thought about voting today, but reading what others have written and reflecting on my own, I feel I am not properly fully informed enough about all the areas I mentioned above.

That being said, what I would like others to take away from this when they read this message is to have a constant interest and yearning to understand what is happening in politics and government and understand as much of it as we can so that if at any given moment or at the next election we could take part in, we can actually make a decision and vote (or choose not to vote if you become fully informed and don’t like ANY of the candidates) but still, we should all be informed about what is going on! So I urge everyone at the very least to read and learn about our politics, government, what is happening, etc!

The links that I used for writing my article are here:    (a good legitimate website that allows people to post their thoughts)    (a well written article that everyone should read)  (probably shared by someone already but I wanted to post this as well)

What do you guys think about what I have said here? Perhaps something that we also be grateful for as well is being able to share feedback with each other too and be able to exchange thoughts!



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