To vote or not to vote? That is the question.

Hey everyone so today is voting day and I am currently not registered and do not plan on voting this time around. For the past couple weeks people have been bringing up voting day, I was aware that it was coming up soon and I did have time to register but I have my reasons for not doing so.

One thing that effects my choice of not voting is my own lack of knowledge. I don’t feel like I really know enough about the people who are running for office. I’m all for voting, I totally believe that every vote counts and I hope that no one thinks there vote doesn’t matter, because it does. I’m also aware that by me not voting it is like I’m helping out the person I wouldn’t want, by not voting for a certain side it is helping the bad guy. But I’m also not willing to vote for someone just based off of a few facts I could find on the internet or a couple commercials I like. I don’t want to support something I don’t feel 100% about. Also from the little I do know about politics I feel like it is always voting for the lesser of two evils. So that makes it hard for me to want to vote. If I don’t really support them, than it’s hard for me to choose who will be better even though I disagree with both of them.

At my age I don’t feel I am as effected by voting as I will be when I am older. I hope by the next time to vote for something I will take a little more time and do research about all the sides. But as for right now, I don’t want to put my input in on something that I don’t understand.

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Billy Pritchardthorpe


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