Voting Isn’t For Me.

When it comes to voting and politics, I’m really out of the loop.

I know that voting is important, and who gets put into power and high positions in your town, state, and country can have an impact on your everyday life: but I have never had an interest in voting myself. When all I hear through campaign ads and commercials are shots fired at the opposite candidate, it just turns me away from voting in general.

I don’t think that the campaigns should be focused mainly on the bad of each competitor. When only hearing negative things about authority figures, it makes me wonder what’s really happening when someone does get voted into position. Is it about just being in the position and making money? Because from this weeks ads, that’s all it seems like.

If I were to vote, I would want it to be for someone that I know will actually do good things for us as a community. But I don’t hear anything good, about any competitors at all. This seems like an issue.

With all the problems and lies that happen, it’s always turned me away from the political side of things. I don’t have interest in listening to a bunch of rambles from each side trying to make the other look bad. It’s just really not something that I feel like has importance to me.

And for someone who’s my age, involved in school, not a homeowner, and not having a career, it doesn’t really seem like my vote will mean much. When looking at the stats of who does and doesn’t vote, it shows that the highest percentage of voters is middle-aged wealthy citizens. I’m not in that percentage of people, and I won’t be for a while. So right now, I have other subjects of importance that out weigh that of getting involved in politics. To know if my vote was for the right candidate or not, I’d have to spend hours and hours reviewing the candidates, what they have done, what they will do, and look for what’s best for me. And I really don’t think I have the time for that right now being focused on school. So this year, I choose not to vote. But maybe when I’m older and have the time and patience for elections, I might participate. But as of now, I have other priorities.



2 thoughts on “Voting Isn’t For Me.

  1. Cody,

    You basically just said exactly how I feel about voting. My post was harsher and less thought-out, but you present your view in a completely relatable way. I agree with you about the whole “I get that it’s important but I just don’t want to get involved” thing. And I also agree with what you said about politicians constantly throwing jabs at one another instead of talking about their own goals and visions (Then again, even when they do talk about their goals and visions its all mostly dreams and bs anyways).
    I think we should start looking at 3rd party candidates that don’t get paid attention to as much. Just because a candidate does not define themselves as a democrat or a republican does not mean they they would not make a great leader. Just a thought to help us out.

  2. I completely agree with you. I have no interest in politics, I don’t understand any of it, and I have more important things to focus on at the moment like my schooling. I feel like my vote won’t matter, which I think a lot of people feel, which discourages many people from voting. I like how you and Kellie both mentioned politicians throwing jabs at each other, because let’s be honest who wants an immature candidate in power that feels as though they have to undermine their opponent to make themselves look better?

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