Your Vote Counts

Joshua Gluck

Americans should all be voting. We do a severe amount of complaining about our government and very little to put forward productive contribution. If you think the government is in shambles but then refuse to vote or protest or anything, then you’re making absolutely no difference at all.  Voting gives us some semblance of an American democracy.  Certainly it is an imperfect system by the facts that 1. no politician is infallible and 2. the electoral college separates the popular vote from the election results. I vote because the alternative is just foolish.  To not vote in protest of the government makes no logical sense. If the whole country stopped voting then we would be a whole country who has given up one of the few actual rights we have, and one that so many people worldwide don’t have. Voting gives us a small say in who is running our government, and even if we don’t like the way it behaves, we owe it to ourselves and each other to make things better. So vote!

In voting I tend to follow the social issues more than anything else. Today, as the social issue of equality for LGBT people in marriage and the workplace continues to rapidly evolve, I think it is crucial that we consider a candidate’s stance on this issue.  So much advancement has been made in recent years but the wrong official could easily slow or rewind the progress. This is especially true at the state level, for which we vote today. If any of you haven’t explored this issue to too much of an extent, I encourage you to look into the Human Rights Campaign.  This is how democracy should behave: a grassroots organization with the sole purpose of spreading positive sentiments for equality and ensuring that the people we elect share the same enthusiasm. Take a look around their site!

Is everyone planning on voting? Have you looked into the stances of the candidates to make an informed decision?


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