Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results

Hey all,


My post is a bit on the simpler, fun side today – because midterms. Boo.


Austin Light is a writer, designer, illustrator who decided to have some fun with movie title typos.  He created some whole new story lines and illustrations by removing just one letter from the title.  For example, Ryan Gosling goes from a stunt driver to a scuba diver mixed up in some shady business when Drive becomes Dive – my personal favorite.


I just thought this was really neat because it shows how much inspiration can come from mistakes and how one tiny change of detail can take a project or piece in a whole new direction!

I also thought something like this could be fun to make or tweak with our new Illustrator skills, even though these are hand-drawn and colored.

Here are some of the other sweet results!

movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-2 movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-4 movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-6 movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-9 movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-10 movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-12 movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-17  movie-titles-with-one-letter-missing-illustrated-by-austin-light-23

(all pictures from Austin Light, source

Can you guess the original movie and new title that lead to the drawing? (Peep the answers here at the original article) Which is your favorite?  Have you ever created something awesome that started with a mistake, and how did that process make you feel?


~Katie Loughrey




2 thoughts on “Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results

  1. Katie, I really enjoyed the way you formatted your blog post. I’m happy you first posted all the images without the titles and had us guess what each piece was a spin off from. I did not guess many of them at all, so thank you for sharing a link with the answers.
    In regards to the artist, I applaud him on being so original, which sounds sarcastic and contradictory but it isn’t at all.
    Yes, he did work from movies and shows that were already created, but what other artist out there has thought to remove one letter to give a title a different meaning, then base a drawing off the new title?
    My point is, this was my first time seeing that and it was impressive because I would have never came up with something along those lines.
    Awesome find Katie, I enjoyed this post.

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