Digital Media Artist: Jerico Santander

As I was browsing through the web for artists, I stumbled upon a digital media artist named Jerico Santander. I was looking through his website and his work is awesome! He has done things with Nike Football, Heineken, and Nesquik. He has more work that is very meaningful and just mind-blowing. All are very creative. Here are some examples and the link to his website. Enjoy!

Ana Fernandez

Nike Football:







One thought on “Digital Media Artist: Jerico Santander

  1. This artist is really awesome. Just browsing through his work I can tell that he likes to alter real-life situations and put some kind of meaningful twist on them. All of his graphics feel really three-dimensional and are loaded with color. When I was browsing around on his website I clicked the add he did for Nike football, and thought it was really interesting how he showed the process, the images he started with and how the final image built upon itself. I guess I’m just confused as to what images he physically creates himself and what ones he appropriates from real photographs.

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