Just an ordinary piece of paper?……… not eve



^^^^^  Li Hongbo being awesome

Li Hongbo is taking something that most people just look past. He uses the paper as a sculpting method. Check out the video, his artwork awesomely crazy.

Get some inspiration from this awesome dude and do something awesome with something ordinary!

Enjoy 🙂

by Evelyn Fenick


3 thoughts on “Just an ordinary piece of paper?……… not eve

  1. Woah! This is so cool! I did not get it at first, but after watching the video I realize how his sculptures are created. They are kind of creepy and mind-bending. This is such a unique concept and I love your final message to make something awesome out of something ordinary. That’s what art is all about; seeing something in a different way than someone else and then creating your vision for others to see and admire and appreciate. Li Hongbo’s work is so interesting and I will definitely look him up and try to find other things by him as well, thanks for the great article!

  2. Ive seen these shown many times (online , not in person).Im still amazed every time. It’s so beautiful , but there is also so much meaning behind it. Making people question what something is at face value, it’s creating such a fluid representation of an object. It gives me so much inspiration to work in different media one would not expect, or even looking at a previously used medium but approaching it or using it in a completely different way. This is a perfect example of using a material we use everyday (paper) and one wouldn’t think nearly as quickly to look at it as a tool to create sculpture let alone THESE amazing works of art.

  3. I’ve seen this guy’s work before! It’s really awesome and most of all impressive. I think it’s really interesting how he took paper, something so delicate and THIN and made it look substantial and three-dimensional. I also think it’s really awesome how interactive his sculptures are. In the video you see him pulling apart and slowly releasing the paper so that it floats back down into place. That is so amazing and really goes to show how he uses the most of his material. When he was dealing with some of his sculptures, I noticed that he was wearing gloves. I wonder if this is necessary when dealing with his sculptures if they are fragile or if the oils on our fingers could potentially harm the paper.

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