T-Swift’s New Music Video

So, I’m assuming, whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or not, that you have heard about her new music video. She’s hard to avoid because she is always in the news, usually because her and her latest male interest are breaking up. Thus, in her new music video she makes fun of herself, as described in the article here.

Do you think this video is serious or is she mocking herself?

By: Molly Nichols


One thought on “T-Swift’s New Music Video

  1. To be honest, I’ve never really liked Taylor Swift much, but this new song/ music video are really making me come around to her. And I don’t think people give her too much credit because of the whole ‘breaking up with everyone ever’ thing. But she even admitted that she’s not dating anymore just because of all the shit that she used to get. And the fact that she’s addressing all these rumors in songs, is making it really hard not to like her. Anyways, her new video is pretty sweet, as well is the song.

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