Job postings for art students like us!

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Hey it’s Ian,

So I thought this week I’d post something thats been really helpful for me.

It’s a website where artists can go and find job offers to design tattoos.

Basically a client will post a job describing a desired design they are looking for. Artists go on and search through the available jobs and submit designs. The client will rate the picture on a scale of 1-5 and usually give feedback whether or not they like certain aspects. You can make revisions and submit as many variations as you like. If yours gets chosen you get paid (each job offer shows the payment usually ranges anywhere between $30-300). The payments are all done through paypal so it’s all very legitimate.

It’s a good way to keep up practice so your drawing skills don’t get rusty (especially over breaks from school). Also gives you some great keepers to put in the portfolio every so often.

For illustration majors, graphic designers, basically anyone who wants to eventually work in the freelance art field, its good practice dealing with clients. Some are great to work with, others are terrible at communicating what they want. (it’s hard trying to find out what people want when they don’t speak the “art language”. But thats all stuff you deal with in real world occupations.

Anyways hope it’s helpful.

what do you guys think about it?


2 thoughts on “Job postings for art students like us!

  1. This is fantastic for the fact that I want to post a contest for a new design I plan on getting plus entering into other peoples contests. This is a great way to keep me and others motivated and practicing while having the possibility of earning some money. I still possibly want to be a tattoo artist in the future and this site will help me move towards that goal and I hope this encourages others to do the same. I will definitely be using this over break and everyone else with tattoo ideas should do the same! Great post!

    Alison Cousens

  2. I love this. My biggest complaint about tattoos is that so many of them are grossly unoriginal. Sites like this encourage people to ask for something personal rather than flipping through a book and picking one they like. That is definitely an admirable cause. Additionally this looks like a great way to put yourself out there as an artist. I do wish it was possible to view previous contests or look at artist portfolios, but the site overall seems very positive and interesting. Josh Gluck

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