Spotify vs Musicians: 10 things to read to better understand the debate

Hey everyone! It’s me James Huang! Sorry I am making my post later than I should be this week!

I was trying to look for a good article to share and after taking some time that took longer than I thought it would, I believe I have found an article that we can have a good discussion about:

Recently, there has been a ongoing battle between artists and the group known Spotify.

The group Spotify has been well known for streaming and playing music for users to listen to for free.

Some artists in particular such as Taylor Swift have voiced their displeasure with this service that Spotify does for its listeners.

I feel like this is an issue we can all share our opinions on! We have all listened to music from Spotify in class and I feel like it would be interesting to share what we think about how artists feel about this and this issue.

The article is here and hope to hear from you guys!

One thought on “Spotify vs Musicians: 10 things to read to better understand the debate

  1. Hi James,
    I’m glad you posted about Spotify this week for your blog. I had no idea that there was controversy between artists and Spotify, however I am not shocked that Taylor Swift was one of the people with an issue. You bring up a really interesting point and I can actually understand why artists would be upset. I mean Taylor Swift isn’t already rich enough you know. But in all seriousness, yeah it sucks that if someone buys their song or album on iTunes, they profit from it. If someone downloads Spotify on their computer, they can listen to the album for free and the artist doesn’t get their revenue. I bet Spotify has to give Taylor some $$$$ for having her songs on their program though. We should do some more research on this.

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