Bagel City

Okay Class,

Just to share a fun fact about myself with all of you, my roommate and I have an ongoing joke about Bagels.

About a month ago we were having breakfast and made some delicious bagels but ruined them by putting “smoked salmon flavored cream cheese” on top. < Crazy right

Any who, we posted a quality picture of the bagel to Facebook Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 12.18.42 PM

This 102 comment picture started our weird obsession with bagels and all the fun activities that go along with bagels

Fast forward to Current day: November 16th, approximately 12:30 PM

Here we are, (Caitlin and myself) posting up in a dining hall, getting some homework done.

Caitlin is all wrapped up in her Engineering homework and I’m blogging about my love for bagels because the environment has inspired me to do so.

I was doing some research and I learned some fun facts about Bagels 

Did you know,

  • In 1610,  the community of Cracow Poland, states that “beygls” will be given as gifts to women in childbirth
  • 1872 — Cream cheese is invented. In 1880, Philadelphia Cream Cheese was started, and in 1920, Breakstone Cream Cheese
  • 1935 — The first Bagel Boss opened, bringing high quality New York bagels to Long Island.
  • 1988 — Americans were eating an average of one bagel per month.
  • 1993 — America’s consumption of bagels doubled to an average of one bagel every two weeks

For tons of more interesting facts and background on this topic, check out this article (it’s actually very interesting)


Answer: Digital Media.

Think about it, how many times have you turned on your television and seen a visually pleasing Dunkin’ Donut’s commercial talking about their new flavors of donuts?

How many times have you passed a billboard on the side of the highway with a toasted everything bagel, with cream cheese? …. or better yet, a toasted raisin bagel with cinnamon cream cheese paired next to a nice hot coffee?

Food for thought friends, pun intended.

Have a nice day all, -Carolyn


2 thoughts on “Bagel City

  1. Bagels are awesome! Way better than toast! I agree that the whole bagel craze was blown up because of social media and people posting pictures of their meals. If you haven’t tried the cinnamon bagel from Panera, you are missing out! This just makes me all happy about the fact that our campus now has Breugger’s Bagels and Jamba Juice!

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