Don’t trust Art Institutes!

I remember when I was first looking into colleges and I actually spent 3 days at the Boston Art Institute. It was an alright experience and actually got me really wanting to go into animation, but luckily I chose UCONN over it. Why?


Art Institute is a scam.

They are known for taking advantage of students with financial aide and have been sued for fraud by the government for $11 billion in 2011. They are also not really an accredited university which creates many problems for the students attending there such as diplomas being useless and unable to be hired because of the AI’s bad reputation among companies.

People are still applying to these Institutes and I want to help prevent anymore debt ridden students from wasting their precious time.

Have any of you heard about this? Did any of you think of applying to any of these places?

Alison Cousens


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