7 Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone,

So as I was doing the family tree and thinking about my final project, it’s forced me (clearly) to think about myself as an artist, which is something I’ve always struggled with.  I am not an art major, and even though I’m a creative person who enjoys making things, I’ve just always struggled to see myself that way, and if so, what kind of artist would I be?

The past few years I’ve realized I kind of have a special place in my heart for photography, but still can’t seem to think of myself as a photographer.  One reason I think this is is because I don’t have a fancy-schmancy cool camera of any sort. I’ve also never really taken a class or learned from a professional.  Most pictures I take that I might begin to consider decent or artistic are on my smartphone. I even chose my latest phone, a Droid Mini, based on the fact that it had the best camera out of the options I could get, and not many other factors. The more I’ve thought about it and seen however, and as technology progresses I start to wonder – maybe one can be a photographer with just a smartphone camera?

For example, this is a cool video I found, that not only shows more COOL TRICKS ! ! ! but also began to make me see photography, and myself as a possible *gasp* photographer, in a new light.


What’s your guys favorite trick from this vid? What do you think of smartphone photography as an actual legitimate way of making art? Let me know if you try out any of these tricks and what you think!

~Katie Loughrey


One thought on “7 Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

  1. Wow! I never knew there was so many cool tricks to use for a smartphone! I loved the idea of using a small water droplet on the lens to create a macro lens. Honestly, I never thought photography was just using expensive cameras and lighting to make great photos. Art is about being creative, and this video really inspired me to try these techniques could mistake someone for thinking you used an actual camera. Since technology and cameras on phones today are becoming better, it is a good idea to sometimes use your smartphone because it’s portable and everyone has it with them all the time. I always had the problem of going somewhere and not having my camera with me and missing cool shots. Smartphones can have amazing cameras, you just have to learn the tricks and tools that it uses to make great photos.

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