37 New Emojis!!!

If you are a fan of utilizing and playing around with emojis then there are good news. The group that is in charge of emojis, The Unicode Consortium, announced that they have accepted 37 new emoji characters for next year’s update.

This finally includes new skin tones in the emoji family, and some random ones, such as the taco.

I personally find these little characters a fun way of communicating with others and can’t wait to see what else the consortium will come up with!


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By: Alisa Gusyeva



2 thoughts on “37 New Emojis!!!

  1. This is a really cool and interesting article! I am getting into using these icons for when I chat with people and I find it really cool and creative when new emojis come out such as emojis that represent sports and animals. I definitely would love to use more of these emojis when they come out!

  2. I really like this post! It’s interesting to see just how popular emojis are in social media culture that they are being seriously reconsidered. I agree that these icons are a fun way for communicating just because small graphics can convey so much more than text. The fact that there are so many characters provided to use in text, yet they haven’t considered race until now is very interesting. Personally, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of emojis there are to choose from, but I’d still be excited to see more. I’d probably just spend a lot more time staring at my phone screen to pick the right one.

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