Josh here. Gig posters might be my favorite iteration of graphic design.  These handmade, limited edition prints and designs are made for a specific concert and are usually only available at the event. Unless you are lucky enough to make it to Austin’s South by Southwest Festival.  Aside from the live music and film screenings, SXSW includes Flatstock, a massive and free marketplace for gig posters by hundreds of artists.  It is put on every year in March but the American Poster Institute. Are you all going to get tickets now?



If your interested in the design of gig posters, there is a really neat documentary called Just Like Being There

Yes it is on Netflix and features real artist interviews, discussions of the music industry, screen printing, and loads of neat info!


One thought on “Flatstock

  1. Gig posters are so cool! I am a huge fan of music and have heard of the SXSW Festival before and always been interested in going, but did not realize they had so much more than music to offer. Gig posters are so interesting because they are all so vibrant and unique! I watched the trailer you posted, but not the documentary, and when they were creating the posters it looked like they were using paints and machines, not just computers. So, I am wondering now are gig posters digitally created? Or are they manually created and sketched and painted and then copied and made digital so more copies can be made? Either way, they’re still awesome.

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