Is Digital Media the New Key in Marketing?

I scanned over an article predicting the top five trends in digital media, and to my surprise, it was mainly about marketing and advertisement. Seeing most of digital media going into the field of business could be a good or bad thing for students and artists looking to grab a job in the “digital world”. Seeing as more and more companies are looking for advances in the websites and advertisements, this means that more spots will open for new thinkers and creators that can captivate a new audience. That’s what business leaders will most likely be looking for. Now, they can either take in experienced artists that can come up with something new and different, or they can take in someone who’s experienced with psychology and business: someone who knows how to target a customer. So reading that the top five trends for the topic of digital media itself being almost all business based can possibly pose a threat to those looking to be aspiring digital artists.

How do you see this new business trend going? Do you think it will lead to more digital artists getting jobs or loosing them?


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2 thoughts on “Is Digital Media the New Key in Marketing?

  1. I believe this article pushes towards the right direction in where the art or design world is going in terms of digital media. Web advertising, web design, and the “Digital World” is taking over. We have to embrace it, and learn how to operate in this highly progressive field. There are so many possibilities when it comes to where web will go, so new job opportunities will continue to be created. In terms of innovative thinkers and creators operating in digital media, it is a great thing. The ideas behind projects are so important and creative people with artistic background produce innovative ideas. Now we see how these creatives are beginning to execute their ideas to the digital world. Website design has drastically increased for the better during the past few years. Mobile is becoming more and more dominate in the digital market, which leads to a whole new medium for creative thinkers to take on. The business side and advertisement combined with digital media shows how popular and important it is to be involved. I can see artists and creative people start to blend with business and advertisement in the future in terms of the digital world. People will become the total package in terms of how they create digital media. They will mold all the skills of psychology, business, marketing, design, and other creative backgrounds to become the total package and produce the best digital content yet. This will only lead to further innovation of the digital world.

    —- Hunter French —-

  2. I can’t see this as something that would pose a threat to upcoming digital artists. I say that because I believe that employers in big companies looking for fresh creative ideas will probably mostly be interested in the actual work that the potential employee can come up with. Your own abilities and talents speak for themselves. I also don’t think digital artists would be losing their jobs because it is a field that is constantly growing in many directions. One possible threat I can think of for digital artists is that they will have more competitors in the long run within their field, but it is all relative to how many more jobs will be available. A challenge that comes in today’s technology savvy society is to make sure that as an artist you are original since it is so easy to come up with something that is similar to what is already out there or to lose something because the idea was taken from you online.

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