Looking for freelance art jobs? CHECK THIS OUT!

Hey it’s Ian,

Looking for freelance art jobs?

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.50.30 PM


This site is another helpful place where you can find clients looking for artists, graphic designers, photographers and so on.

They have differing levels of expertise, price ranges, and each job has a description of what they’re looking for.

So if you’re looking for freelance jobs look no further ! 😀

They have skills you can add to your ‘profile’ by passing tests, including photoshop and adobe illustrator

(Our class could probably pass these with flying colors)

anyways, its a great way to make a few bucks while building a portfolio in a very professional setting.

Are you guys interested in this?

Where do you guys find art jobs?


One thought on “Looking for freelance art jobs? CHECK THIS OUT!

  1. That’s a nice place to start, I feel as though a lot of young artists or people just getting into the field don’t know where to start or even what they could be doing as freelance work. It’s nice that technology has the ability to bring all those things to one place. It makes it a lot easier for the artist as well as the person looking to hire someone. I think this would be a great start for anyone in school looking for some part time jobs that apply to there field.

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