Mario,Pong, & Tetris


Hey you guys its Carlos D.,

So I am up at 2 am after doing work and I came across this article on Wired.

The article was a bout an Experimental video game that you can only make one move a day. Each cube comes with a different controller input. Mario has a push button; the longer you press down, the farther your avatar jumps. Tetris is controlled by rotating the entire cube. Pong uses a toggle switch to dictate where the ball bounces. Once you make your move, it takes a day for it to show up on screen.

This sounds like a game that I would want to kill myself in waiting for the final outcome and if you mess up then you just lost your game.

What do you guys think would you play the game?

Ps. its a well designed and manufactured game simple and clean and the use of circle for each of the games is fantastic.
Video Below

Click Here for Article


One thought on “Mario,Pong, & Tetris

  1. You’re definitely right about the manufacturing of this game, it’s a great design using the simple shapes of circles on the screen for all game modes, then using a basic square for the structure of the actual system, and then finishing it off with a great looking wooden outside. I feel like the looks of the system is going to be a good reason for buying the game. I also like how interactive the device is, having the turn the entire box for Tetris, and then switching the controls depending on what game mode you’re playing. It brings a fun new change into how games are being played. But would I buy the game and play it? I don’t think I would, for one reason. I simply don’t think that I could take the anticipation of waiting for a day.

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