Microsoft Already in the Holiday Spirit

We’ve all come to be used to countless advertisements bashing the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products by companies like Samsung and Kindle.

Microsoft gets the holiday advertisement ball rolling with this video from an article off

“Microsoft Gets In The Holiday Spirit With The Latest Apple-Bashing Ad”

It seems lately that Apple sets itself higher than taking jabs at competitor companies, they are above it. But this is such a popular form of advertisement, and Apple has done it before.

I forgot about all these.

Read the full article here.

— Hunter French —-


One thought on “Microsoft Already in the Holiday Spirit

  1. I saw these lovely commercials the other day on the web i just think it is really funny to see how all these people just love to shit on apple, I mean honestly it does make you consider why do i have an apple computer but at the same time I’m glad i have my apple computer, tablet or whatever is available. There is so much branding in these videos behind everything making apple buyers seem boring and almost uncool, “to tech” in my opinion that is a bold statement when companies like Microsoft try to do things like that. I mean at the end of the day these computers are tools not something you symbolize people with and how they look and that commercial exactly does that. I don’t know if it affects me, it just bothers me because its not true. I believe you as a person decides your own technology, you may like both apple or Microsoft it all depends on “you” not the stereotype.

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