Musician uses science to help you see sound

Hey guys it’s me James Huang!

So I have been having trouble with finding new interesting posts to share with the class lately and I have definitely been in kind of a funk on sharing news I have found. I apologize for having been in this funk but I am happy to say that I have found a new article that I think you guys will all like!

I was looking for interesting news on CNET to bring me out of news sharing funk and I found this really interesting article here by none other than Michelle Starr of CNET (whom I have counted on for sharing cool new articles and always delivers)

In this article, Michelle talks about a musician from New Zealand named Nigel Stanford who introduces a really interesting concept of seeing sound. Using a variety of different tools and interesting technology, he actually creates really cool and interesting visual effects that give people the ability to see sound waves. There is a video you guys can see in the link and here is a picture below of them at work:

Picture of Nigel Stanford at work

Picture of Nigel Stanford at work

I think this is really interesting because I feel like as Starr mentions in the article, we all listen to music and we all have a general idea of what sound waves look like but we often never actually see them. I hope more and more artists can experiment with this and follow in Stanford’s footsteps. I feel like this also relates to digital media as well and that artists can definitely produce and create really cool visual effects to give people the ability to see sound waves.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see more of this in the future?


One thought on “Musician uses science to help you see sound

  1. I actually saw a video of this! Nigel Stanford discovered how to show sound through flames by using pipes to vibrate sound! Music is always creating new things as well and this is something that can innovate the music experience. Something like this can inspire anyone to create three dimensional effects with lighting, movement, and maybe even music. This will definitely bring a new era to entertainment because imagine if this table was a huge network on stage where people can see the effects live. I would recommend anyone to watch the video (I think it’s on youtube) just to see how amazing this breakthrough is!

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